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bi-CY-cle.com is the first and only dedicated bicycle website in Cyprus. Being blessed and living on such a beautiful place like Cyprus more and more people every day introduce bicycles into their lives and daily routines.

Regardless of what bicycle option you are looking to buy, either for riding through the cities or mountains or you are a speed fun on our website you are able to find everything you are looking for. bi-CY-cle.com gives you the opportunity to search and buy bicycles of all types and accessories for your favorite bicycle. You can sell your bicycle with packets starting only at €4.95!

Login to our website via your Facebook account and through our forum meet other bicycle funs in order to share your experiences your knowledge or even create and find groups in order to arrange your weekend rides in the beautiful roads of Cyprus.

Through our forums you can assist each other on technical problems that your bicycle or equipment may have or suggest and advice other members on issues that may need your assistance. bi-CY-cle.com gives you the opportunity to browse and find great bicycle deals from all around Cyprus from either private listings or dealer shops.

We love to hear your feedback on how we are going and on how we can improve so let us have your suggestions and feedback!

Thank you for visiting our website!

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