Buying a new bike

Buying a NEW BIKE from a cycle shop

Finding a good local cycle retailer / bike shop will make choosing the right bike an easy, relaxed & enjoyable experience. The shop should provide you with a professional & informed level of service & one that satisfies your biking needs. A modern bike shop should be clean, well presented & staffed by cycling enthusiasts who are passionate about bikes. The service should be polite & non-patronising. All good shops will not only be interested in selling you a bike but also be keen to service the bike whilst in your ownership – your business is valuable to them!

With the myriad of cycle types on offer from countless manufacturers, all trying to get a bit of the action, finding the right bike can be a daunting affair for new cyclists in particular. A good shop with knowledgeable & patient staff will guide you towards the right type of bike to suit both your riding style, surface conditions & your budget.

Most cycle manufacturers work in territories & it might be the case that you may not be able to find exactly the right bike from your chosen shop in your area. In this case you have 2 choices:

  • Choose a different bike from a different manufacturer.
  • Travel to the next dealer territory to find your chosen bike.

Once you have bought your bike it is important that you take the bike back to the dealer for a ‘shakedown service’ after a few weeks of use. Once ridden then bike will bed itself in &, in time, cables & bearings will need routine adjustment.

During ownership a good relationship with your local cycle shop is essential to enjoyable bike riding & reliability. They will advise you on any upgrades that will enhance your riding & guide you though the accessory market, especially lighting & helmets etc… Of course many cyclists choose to maintain their own bikes, but as bikes are getting increasingly complex – particularly with respect to hydraulic braking systems & complex gearing & suspension systems – most bikes are now serviced at your local shop or service agent.

As bikes represent an ever greater financial commitment, the riding public’s attitude to cycle servicing & maintenance will improve in the future. Like cars, bicycles need regular maintenance & servicing to keep them in good mechanical condition. A good bike shop will offer informed & impartial advice on the condition of your bike & when it needs servicing.

The frequency of your bike’s servicing needs depends on where your bike has been used, the weather in which it has been ridden & the conditions under wheel. Water, dirt, broken riding surfaces & salt all have a detrimental effect on the condition, operation & effectiveness of your bike’s components. A mountain bike that is ridden off-road all year round will need to be cleaned & serviced much more regularly than a dry ridden race bike that sees nothing but perfect roads.

We hope that this guide provides a useful overview of buying a new bike from a shop BUT it is no substitute for the genuine, informed & professional service that is on offer from your local bike shop.

This guide is not definitive & is offered as a basic help tool to assist in assessing the overall condition of a used bike. A professional pre-purchase inspection can be carried out by your local cycle shop with workshop facilities.

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